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My Welcome Pack

We will have sent you a 'Pack Sent' email with a tracking number through Australia Post, unless we have made other arrangements with you. ie. Courier service. 

In your pack you can expect:

Stamp Me branded marketing

This includes A4 and A5 flyers, stickers, and "how to" cards to hand out to customers. 

Please feel free to request more marketing if required!

Welcome information

A brief summary of how to successfully launch your program and what is included in your Welcome pack, and your dashboard login details, as well as your StampMate device.


For both yourself and staff to familiarise yourself with how to use the StampMate device prior to launching your program and information about how you can use your join code to promote your business. If interested please refer to the 'Marketing and Design' email for more information.

Display boards (On request)

We can provide you with a standard Stamp Me display board if you would like one to stick your StampMate device to. 

Please request if you'd like one to put up as a display and we can send one out to you. 

We also have Points and Prepaid offer display boards on request. If you'd like a custom design for your business, please refer to the 'Marketing and Design' email for more information. The price per custom designed display board is $15.