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What is a private Offer?

As it suggests, a private offer is not available publicly to Stamp Me users and will not have a listing in Around Me.  

Joining a private Offer

A customer may join this offer through the JOIN code or TEMP code given by the merchant or if you join them through the Dashboard >Create Customer.

When to use a private Offer

Situations where are private offer is useful are as a follows:

- Provide exclusivity to select users

- Membership based programs that are restricted

- Sale of restricted products and services

- Employee based discounts

- Testing and training with your staff and internal stakeholders prior to going live with an Offer

How to create a private Offer

The private offer function can be applied through your Stamp Me Business Portal by the following steps:

Click "Manage Programs"> Click "Edit Offers" > Select or unselect "Private Offer" tickbox > Click "Save".