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What is "Quick Start"?

The Quickstart function allows your customers to collect their stamp without registering. It is ideal for situations where fast transaction time. This user account will appear as an anonymous account until the user registers their details.

After 190 seconds of being within the Quickstart screen the user will be automatically logged out and prompted to register again. If the user does not register their email address and clicks Quickstart again, the stamps/points accumulated will remain until they do. 

When the user eventually registers, the stamps collected from the use of the "Quickstart" function will be transferred into the newly registered account. 

If a user logs out, it is advisable they log back in with the email address they initially registered with to locate their stamps or points. The email address they initially used can be seen in settings.

Should the user log out of their registered account and click Quickstart again, the system will assume they have no account and any stamps collected will then be added to the next registered email address. 

If customers click Quickstart while logged out of their account and log in to their existing account again, no stamps will be transferred to the account. 

It is therefore advisable that a user registers their account as soon a possible to avoid loss of stamps.

Quick Start (Video)