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How do I edit my offer?

You may edit your offer through the Stamp Me Business Portal with the login details provided by your campaign manager. 

If you have forgotten them please email stating your name and business name to have them resent to you.

Once logged in to the Portal, click the "Offers" tab on the left menu. 

The yellow sections are what your customers will see on their device when viewing your offer. 

Please see below for information below for the numbered points:

1. Click on Offers to edit your existing offers.

2. Select the offer you'd like to edit from the drop down menu if you have more than one.

3. If you disable this offer it will no longer be visible or accessible to customers.

4. Making a private offer means only select customers can join the offer through a provided Join code and will not be visible to the public.

5. This is the description only you can see to distinguish between your offers.

6. What the heading of your offer will be

7. What will appear below your offer as terms and conditions

8. Your website which will be linked through the "More Info" section of the app.

9. If you'd like a time delay between stamps, enter this in seconds. This will prevent multiple stamps. eg. Nightclubs who want to only allow 1 stamp per 24 hours.

10. Any free stamps you want to reward your customer with when they join up.

11. Your reward. Please contact your our customer success personnel if you wish to alter your reward. 

12. After x stamps the reward will be given to the customer.

13. If you want to add an image to your customer's redemption screen please ensure it is a JPG, at 300x300 pixels and less than 200kb. 


Remember to click "Save" when you have finished editing your offer, and don't forget to view the offer on your device to make sure it looks just right.

Alternatively please contact your campaign manager at and request to have your offer amended.