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How do I promote my new program?

A loyalty program builds over time and the key to its success are simple.

Make the Offer Attractive

Put yourself in the customer's shoes. 

Would you join your loyalty program for what you are offering? 

Give the customer a reason to join- an instant incentive. ie. Free small coffee on joining my cafe.

Good Promotion of the Offer

Are you marketing within your venue? On your Website? On your social media streams?

Custom printed Marketing Collateral

Whilst we provide you with standard marketing collateral to launch your program, we can also assist with the design of custom printed marketing collateral. For example, you may wish to create join cards to hand out to your customers, flyers, in store displays and posters promoting your program with your own brand. Please check the 'Marketing and Design' email which will have been sent to you about options we can assist with.

Promoting your loyalty program to your existing customers

Whilst an objective of the Stamp Me program is to build a customer list for your business, you may already have a mailing list.

We can upload this information onto the Stamp Me dashboard and have accounts created for these customers. The main pieces  we require for uploading a customer list is as follows:

First name

last name

eMail address

Mobile/Cell phone number

We can also add in birthday, country, any stamps/points to give for joining, postcode

Your Website

If you have a website, you can also use this to promote your Loyalty Program and add your business Joincode on to. Speak to us about creating a banner with this attached.

Your Facebook Page

Please take time to promote your offer on Facebook. You can use our screen shot or any other image you see fit. The more you promote on Facebook the better! Putting your Join code on the site means your customers can download the Stamp Me Loyalty app in their own time. By scanning your business join code they automatically join your offer from the comfort of their own home.

Stamp Me Facebook Page

Please take time to like our page here (we will like your page in return!). Our Facebook page is here!

We can also create a post to advertise your offer and business on our Facebook page,  if this is something which interests you please let us know and we can schedule a post to advertise your new offer!