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How do I promote my new program?

How to promote your Loyalty Program


You have decided to create a loyalty program for your business, it’s all setup and ready to go, but how do you get customers to start using it? More than likely you have picked up a loyalty card at a coffee shop before, how did you know about it? Perhaps the cashier told you, maybe you saw a poster at the till or a flyer at your table. 

Major brands such as Starbucks will have flyers or posters in-store and have their staff ask each customer if they are a part of their loyalty program. These large brands understand the importance of engaging every customer and prompting them to join. There is no reason why you can’t do the same thing to build your business 

When attempting to onboard customers to join a new loyalty program, businesses need to consider key areas where customers are ready to interact and engage with their business. The best place to start is physically in-store

We will have sent you some posters and flyers in your ‘Welcome Pack’ to get you started, but we also understand that businesses also want to promote using their own materials too, that’s why we are happy to send you some templates to get started. 

You can download our Display Posters and flyers here.

Here are some examples of physical marketing collateral that we have seen work great for our other business partners:

Example: Uniqlo

We thought this was a great example of using physical marketing collateral as a way of  promoting a loyalty program. This flyer is available in-store for customers to take whilst waiting to pay for their items. Customers are prompted by the cashier to sign-up, but if they don’t have time they can take a flyer and follow steps later. You can do the same for your business.


Digital Promotion

This is the fastest and easiest way to promote your Stamp Me program. You can post about it on your Social Media accounts and tell your customers all about how they can join your offer by downloading the Stamp Me app.  You can even attach the Offer code we sent you, so customers can instantly join the program and begin taking part. 

Digital Template Example

If your business has an existing email list from previous campaigns,  You can upload it to the Stamp Me Dashboard (available to Stamp Me Pro users) and send out an email to your previous customers list telling them all about your program and how they can get involved.  

The aim of all of this is to generate repeat customers, who become ‘Brand Lovers’. These are customers who have built an affinity for your brand, which has been generated by your business rewarding their purchases. A ‘Brand Lover’ will choose your business over competitors and more importantly recommend your business to friends and family - Word of Mouth is a powerful marketing tool and is created when customers feel connected to your business.