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How do I have more offers?

You are certainly able to have multiple offers on our Pro and Elite plans, however we recommend not having too many, so it is not too confusing for your customers.

Here are some examples of businesses with multiple offers...

Example 1: Coffee Shop

OFFER 1: Collect 8 stamps and get a free coffee.

OFFER 2: Buy 10 bags of coffee and get a Free 500gm bag.

ADD-ON: Scratch card set for 50% of customers who are joined to both offers.

Example 2: Salon/Beauty Parlor

You could have them fall into categories for your different services. Here are some examples...

OFFER 1: Threading / Waxing
Complete 6 threading/waxing sessions, and get 50% off the next!

OFFER 2: Manicure/Pedicure
Complete 8 mani/pedicures, and get free shellac on your next!

OFFER 3: Facials
Get 5 facials and get the next free.

OFFER 4: Haircut/Color
Get 6 haircuts/colours, and get 30% off your next visit!

Obviously the prices between your services will differ. Therefore you can have specific terms for your offers to give more stamps for the higher priced services / less stamps for less expensive services. 

For example... 1 stamp for manicure, 2 stamps for deluxe pedicure, or 1 stamp for underarm wax, 3 stamps for full body wax, and so on.