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How do I have more offers?

You are able to have multiple offers including Stamp Offers, Points offers, Prepaid cards, Check ins, VIP memberships. You are also able to add on a scratch card and coupons.

However we do recommend not to over complicate your offers for the sake of having a lot of offers. This would mean you as a merchant will have to maintain and manage all these offers and troubleshoot if a customer does not understand.

The most successful businesses have one or two main offers:


Example 1: Zoe's Coffee Shop

OFFER 1: Collect 8 stamps and get a free coffee.

OFFER 2: Buy 10 bags of coffee and get a Free 500gm bag.

ADD-ON: Scratch card set for 50% of customers who are joined to both offers.

Example 2: Global Gym

OFFER 1: Prepay for 9 hourly Personal Training sessions and get 1 session free.

Add-On: Once use coupon for 20% off on gym merchandise for customers who buy prepaid cards.

Example 3: The Zespy- Music Venue

OFFER 1: Check in 10 times to our venue to get 50% your next gig entry fee.

OFFER 2: VIP Membership giving 10% off every gig entry fee. (customers pay you an annual membership fee to gain access to the membership) 

Add-On: Scratch card set for 25% of customers joined to the Check In offer.