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How do I view my customers?

Within the Stamp Me Business Portal click on the "Customers" tab.

From here: 

Select Location > Select Offer > Click the blue "Select" button 

If you operate multiple Locations or Offers, these can be selected on the dropdown. 

The table below will populate with all customers who have joined to the selected Location(s) and/or Offer(s). 

From here you are able to view customer details (name, mobile, email etc) as well as usage of the program such as the number of stamps, active stamps, redemptions.

More information

To filter or view more information than the table shows, click the icon in the top right-hand corner of the table (see in green below) and select the information you'd like displayed in the table.


Stamps = Total number of Stamps the user has accumulated

Active Stamps = is the number of Stamps showing on the customers' phone at that time

Completed Stamps = is the number of Stamps that have been used to trigger a reward.


A customer has joined a program that triggers a reward after 5 Stamps. The customer has earned 7 Stamps. The table will show the following

Stamps = 7

Active Stamps = 2 (note the card resets to zero after the user achieves the reward target. The reward is held in My Rewards until such time the user redeems the reward)

Completed Stamps = 5 (these stamps have been used to trigger a reward)

Exporting Data

Search, Sort and Filter

Information can be found and sorted by entering it into the fields.

You can search by name, email, phone number, number of Stamps etc. 

For example, type in Betty to look up all the Betty's on your program. 

Data can also be sorted using the drop arrows.

If you are after a weekly/ monthly report, please contact your campaign manager or email and let us know what information you would like sent to you- We will endeavour to accommodate your business requirements.