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My Joincode or Tempcode isn't working

To use your Join code or Temp code you must be within the Stamp Me Loyalty app.

Click Quick Scan from the splash screen here:

Allow The Stamp Me Loyalty App to access your camera to scan the Join or Temp codes. 

If you do not allow access through your device you will be shown a black screen and will not be able to scan. 

To troubleshoot this and give permissions on an iOS device:

Go to Settings on your phone> Scroll to Privacy > Go to Camera > Scroll down to Stamp Me and make sure this is green and enabled.

For an Android device:

Go to Settings> Scroll down and select Apps> Scroll down to Stamp Me> Select Permissions> Ensure the Camera is green and enabled. 

If you have printed the codes or have been provided a plastic card, and they are not working- Please check:

1. If the code is clear (dirty, marked, partially scratched) 

2. You are scanning the code within the Stamp Me App, and not a QR code reader

3. If the offer you are scanning for is still valid through the merchant.

If the issue continues happening, please contact and state in as much detail as possible what you are trying to do, and attach an image and/ or video if possible.