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Can I change the colours of the app to suit my business?

On a merchant subscription unfortunately this is not offered as an option due to the work required by our developers. 

However, we offer private label solutions to operate your own brand platform. Essentially we rebrand our award-winning loyalty application with your own splash screens, logos and colours. The applications then work off the same platform and technology that our Stamp Me loyalty application runs on.

One of the big benefits of licensing our technology is that we also operate a loyalty platform here in Australia and you gain from our expertise, learnings, continual product development and on-going support. The applications can also be in your own language preference.

You can see some more information by clicking this link here.

Depending on the level of customisation, there is generally a build and implementation fee of $15-$20k which covers the setup and implementation of the above and an ongoing software licence fee to operate the platform.