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How do I upload my customer list?

If you have a mailing list or customer list you'd like to upload to join to your Loyalty program, please forward on to your campaign manager your list in either a csv/ excel spreadsheet. 

Once your customers are uploaded we can assist you in sending an eBlast to them letting them know they have an account created for them on the app, and that they can log on by downloading the Stamp Me Loyalty app and logging in with a standard password we would provide them in the eBlast. They would simply need to use the email address with which they have received your newsletter, and the password we would provide to you the merchant.

Information required to upload a customer to your offer:

First name

Last name

eMail address

Other fields that can be included if the customer provides them but are not necessary for the upload to work:


Phone number



Alternatively you can email your list to