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Redeeming a Reward on Stamp Me


1. Reward is triggered once the customer achieves the required number of Stamps or Points. 

An icon (red circle) shows up on My Rewards on Stamp Me notify the user of the award.

2. USER goes to My Rewards and selects the reward they wish to claim.

3. A popup Safety screen shows and asks the USER 

"Are you sure you want to redeem reward now? Yes or No".

This safety mechanism is to ensure the user does not unintentionally redeem a reward. 

If the USER presses NO - the reward remains in My Rewards. 

If the USER presses YES, Stamp Me creates a record that the USER has redeemed the Rewards at Time/Date. This can be seen live on the Stamp Me Dashboard and any reports that are generated for the business. 

4. USER presses YES, a reward is voucher is shown on screen

For the security, the Voucher is time and date stamped. The screen also shows cascading presents (movement in the screen) as an additional security mechanism to prevent fraud to prevent a USER from presenting a screenshot. 

The merchant can choose to have an image for the voucher or just text. If an image is chosen, a code/ barcode can be also applied to the image for stock keeping. 

5. The Merchant physically issues the Reward to the USER.  

A record of the redemption is automatically created and can be seen on the Stamp Me Dashboard. It will show the name USER's details, time, date, reward issued.

Optional: the Merchant can also enter the Reward redemption into their own POS system. If the reward voucher image contains a code, this can also be entered into the system.

6. The USER presses complete to remove the screen.

If the USER does not press complete, the screen automatically disappears after 3 minutes. An additional safety mechanism.

USER - refers to the user of the Stamp Me App. It could be a customer, guest etc.

Merchant - refers to the operator of the program

Additional Validation on reward (Optional)

An additional mechanism can be added to the process whereby the USER also validates before claiming the reward. This will add another step to the validation process.