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Shared or Linked Offers

Shared Offers allow the user to collect Stamps, Points or Check-In at any location and accumulate them on the same offer. The user can also redeem the reward at any location.

Shared Offers are ideal for situations where a business or a brand want to operate a program across a network of multiple locations.

Not only does it allow the business to leverage its program across it its network, but it is also much better solution for the customer!

Some examples, 

A Restuarant Owner 

John operates a chain of Burger restaurants across 20 locations. 

The customer can receive a Stamp per valid burger purchase at any of the locations. Once the customer receives 10 stamps, a voucher is issued that can be redeemed at any of his 20 restaurants.

A Brand Manager

Anne is the marketing manager for a soft drink brand. 

Anne implements a promotional program for a new soft drink "brand X" throughout its network of 4,500 convenience stores. The customer is able to accumulate stamps for purchasing Brand X at any of the participating convenience stores. Once the customer accumulates 5 Stamps a Reward is issued to My Rewards that can be redeemed at any of the stores.