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How does Stamp Me work with an Online Business

How does Stamp Me work with an Online Business?

If you are using the Stamp Me loyalty app for an Online Business, these are some ways to go about implementing your Offer:

1) On-boarding Customers via the JoinCode: Create a electronic flyer with the JoinCode provided to allow customers to scan and join your offer. 

This is an example of an electronic on-boarding flyer (Let us know if you need one done up) - Publish these on your online platforms.

2) Awarding Customers Stamps: You can award Customers stamps via your business's dashboard. Please click on this link to learn more: Awarding Stamps 

(Note: Customers on the Stamp Me Lite plan will NOT have access to your own dashboard, any changes can be done through a Stamp Me Customer Success personnel, you can upgrade to Stamp Me Pro anytime, which will give access to your dashboard and other beneficial features.)

3)Validating rewards: You can validate your rewards via your dashboard when a customer has reach their Main Reward. Customers can also take a screenshot of their reward and send it to you/ or us via email. 

4) Customer Communication / Email & Marketing Platform: Apart from communication with customers via the Stamp Me Dashboard (sms/push notifications), we will be able set up an email marketing platform for you (if you do not have one). Send out EDM's, newsletters, offer information etc. Some examples of such platforms are, MailChimp, MailerLite etc.