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Navigating the Stamp Me Dashboard

A run down of Stamp Me's dashboard navigations.

CAMPAIGN MANAGER: You have a dedicated campaign manager who can help step you through any issues you may have with the dashboard or anything else related to Stamp Me, so feel free to ask any questions.

Menu on left hand side under Admin/Activities/Communications/ Campaigns: 

SUPPORT: Visit our support site for all issues/enquiries pertaining your loyalty program. 

LOCATION: Edit your existing Business details and venue address. Please have these up to date so we can contact you for any updates and future parcels

OFFER: Edit your existing offer. Please be aware all changes saved will go live to your customers. You are able to test how the offer looks by viewing your offer through the Stamp Me App.

*To add and edit rewards please email your point of contact. 

DASHBOARD: The dashboard shows stamp and redeem activity including your customers details. 

The data can easily be easily sorted, searched, printed and exported according to your requirements.

Customers: You can view all your customers on your current program and offers (To remove customers, please contact your Stamp Me point of contact)

Create Customer: Customers can be joined to Offers through the Stamp Me Business portal. Please refer to this link on how-to: Creating a Customer through the Stamp Me Dashboard

GIVE Stamps/Points: You are able to manually give stamps to customers who may have forgotten to bring their phone or for some reason you don’t have your StampMate/ Offer code in store that day.

Please refer to this link on how-to:Adding Stamps and Points

Trigger Redemption: You can trigger a redemption for respective customers, the reward will show in their "Rewards Page" on the Stamp Me App. 

Broadcast & Sent Messages: The Stamp Mate device can be set to automatically broadcast messages to customers that have joined up to Stamp Me on their iPhone. View messages you have sent in "Sent Messages".

Please refer to this link to learn more: Broadcasting 

BIRTHDAY CLUB: Contact your customers before their birthday to offer them a treat or simply a happy birthday message! You may choose the number of days before their birthday to contact them.

Please refer to this link on how-to: Additional feature: Activating Birthday Club

LAPSED CUSTOMERS: Contact Lapsed customers via push notification. You may choose the number of days since the customer has stamped at your store to contact. Maybe you can entice them back with a small discount if they mention a special code word! Please be aware that as soon as you press send it will go to all of your customers, so there is no testing!

Please refer to this link to learn more: Lapsed Customer

Scratch & Win Feature (Not displayed): Please contact your Stamp Me point of contact if you wish to implement this exciting feature!

Click here for a video tutorial: Overview of Stamp Me Loyalty Platform