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Here are some frequently asked questions: 

1. How do customers sign up for our loyalty program? 

There are 2 ways to on-board new customers: They can scan the JoinCode provided or They can search for your business in "Around Me" on the app and join the offer 

They would first need to download the Stamp Me App & register their details. 

You can display marketing collaterals that we have provided in your welcome pack as well post an EDM on your website or social media sites, that include the JoinCode, to get customers to join. 

An example of a Join Offer Marketing EDM would be this: 

2.How do I add stamps or points to customer's account? What if they forget their phone, but want to use stamps? What controls are in place to ensure staff do not abuse?

Stamps and Points can be awarded via the dashboard to any customer. However,customers on the Stamp Me Lite plan which is a basic program, you will not have any access to the dashboard, this will be done via a Stamp Me point of contact. 

Staff controls- We can check via the dashboard if stamps/points are awarded without consent. Customer activity and redemption removals can only be done by Stamp Me. 

Stamp Me Lite customers should consider upgrading to a Pro Plan if you would like more control over your dashboard and customer activity.

Please refer to this link on how points are awarded via the dashboard: Awarding points via Dashboard


3.What if they do not have a smart phone?

All users will need a smart phone to download the app. 

Another possibility for customers without a smartphone would be an internal management and tracking of a customers points through the dashboard. (We highly recommend for all users to have the app).

4.On the app, do notifications need to be On? 

Yes they do. 

5. Upon redemption, how do we eliminate stamps or points from a customer's account?

Stamps and Points will reset after the Big reward is being redeemed.  

6. How do we ensure it is not a screenshot?

A record of customer redemptions can be seen via the dashboard, with their full details, once they hit the redeem button, we can cross check. They will have 3 minutes to redeem a reward. A reward prompter to remind them of the 3 min limit will appear prior to hitting redeem.

You can add this to your terms, that all validation and redemption will be done at your business and screenshots will not be accepted.

In the case a customer accidentally redeems the reward, we can always re-award them with the points and they can receive the reward again. But with that being said again, we would have to check that they have not previously claimed a reward.

7. How do we encourage previous customers to join the loyalty program?

Please refer to this link in regards to uploading an existing customer database: Uploading Customer List

Another way would be sending a EDM via your Email Marketing Platform account, which includes the JOINCODE. Customers would just have to download the app and scan the code to Join. 

9. Do stamps/points ever expire?

They will expire once your set an expiration date on your offer. As for redemptions, it will sit in the rewards page until they click yes, to redeem and will have 3 mins to redeem at your business. 

10. Can I transfer or combine Stamps/Points? Can points be transferred or gifted to anyone?

We can transfer stamps or points from one account to another via the dashboard. 

Gifting: We can set up an account for a customer via the dashboard and award them stamps or points.