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Interim Rewards

What are interim rewards?

Interim rewards are rewards that are triggered at predetermined intervals on the users' Stamp Card before they reach the final reward.


A Cafe has a Coffee Card where a reward of a Free Coffee is triggered after the 7th Stamp.

The cafe may choose to offer an interim reward after Stamp 4 of a Free Cookie.

Why do interim rewards?

Interim rewards are a nice pleasure you can add into your program to recognise and motivate users along the way towards the end goal of the final reward.

You can be as inventive as you like with these rewards. It might be a token reward or a voucher to introduce the customer to try something else you sell!

How do interim rewards work?

Rules can be created to trigger a reward at a specified number of Stamps on the customers card before they reach the final reward. At the time of receiving the Stamp and on-screen pop-up message will be delivered to the user notifying them of the reward. The Reward voucher will be automatically stored in the My Rewards along with other pending rewards to be used in the future.

Can you do multiple rewards?

Yes. You can do multiple rewards on the same card. For example, on a 10 Stamp Card, a reward could be triggered at Stamp 3 and Stamp 6. 

When you design your Offer, you can choose at what point the interim rewards are triggered and the reward. 

How do I set up interval rewards?

Contact with the structure of the offer and we will organise this for you. Please tell us the name of your business when you contact us.