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How do I promote my new program digitally?

Social Media & Websites

Social Media is an efficient way of acquiring and on-boarding customers.

Platforms such as your businesses' website, Facebook, Instagram etc. are essential tools for promotion. 

Here are some ways to create digital promotions for your offer:


Example: The Paddle, Dorset UK


Accompany the EDM  with a Step By Step Join Guide to download the Stamp Me App: 

Click --> Joining Stamp Me Guide.png to download. 

Business Website Loyalty Card & Rewards Page:

Creating a explanatory rewards page (with or without Join Codes) on your website will allow customers to understand the program and your offers!

Samples of our exisiting merchants who have done an excellent job in personalising a rewards page on their sites: 

Body & Mind Therapy Centre(UK):

The Nest at Gundaroo (NSW):

ACT II Boutique (California):

*You should refrain from pushing out too much information at one go so that customers have time to process, you could create a campaign around your new offer, posting information every couple of days etc.

Digital Campaigns

Built digital campaigns around your offers!

Click here to find out other ways to promote you offer.