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How to validate using Stamp Mate with an Android phone?

In order to validate a transaction on an Android handset with Stamp Mate the following needs to occur.

  1. the user needs to have NFC capability on their handset. Most current Android phones will contain this feature. However, it may be a feature removed from low-end Android handsets. If that is the case, use Manual Stamp and the Offer Code to issue the stamp.
  2. NFC needs to be switched on. Stamp Me prompts the user on registration.
  3. The aerial at the back of the phone handset needs to come into direct contact with the top of the Stamp Mate device. If a user is not able to stamp, they will be presented with a guide after a few seconds of pressing Stamp Me to locate the aerial on the back of phone handset. The phone needs to be placed on top of the Stamp Mate so that the aerial is in direct contact for a few seconds.

For a more detailed guide on Android NFC functionality please refer to: