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Birthday Club

It is that one happy anniversary day you can celebrate with your customers. For a business, a Birthday Club is a great opportunity to engage with your customers and make them feel special.

The Birthday Club can be set up to complement your loyalty program. Your customers are automatically invited to join your Birthday Club on their phone when they join your program.

On the anniversary of their birthday, a message (text or push notification) is automatically sent to your customer's with an optional gift voucher. The gift could be a complimentary voucher for a product or service to show your appreciation.

Why is a Birthday Club good for your business?

The birthday club is available on Stamp Me Pro. It is very simple to set up and easy to manage. 

Once it is set up it automatically operates in the background to delight your customers!

How does the birthday club work?

How to activate the birthday club


If you have further questions or would like some assistance in establishing a birthday club, please contact