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Redeeming External eGift Vouchers

Whilst we recommend merchants issue rewards related to their business, we understand this is not always appropriate.

For example, a plumbing supplies business is unlikely to want to reward its trade customers with a plumbing supplies voucher after X number of Stamps.

Firstly, the plumber is unlikely to be directly paying for the merchandise (more likely the business they work for and/ or the customer they service)

Secondly, the plumber is unlikely to value a plumbing supplies reward voucher. 

The purpose of a loyalty program is to encourage the customer to visit your business and engage with your rewards program. For that engagement to occur, the reward needs to be something that the customer values.

In these instances, we can set the program up to issue eGift vouchers to the customer. It could be a $10 Starbucks Voucher, a $20 UBER Eats Voucher etc. Physical gifts can also be issued, but this can significantly add to the administration and delivery process.

How does a business set up eGift cards on its program?

1. The business needs to select and purchase the eGift cards at face value.

2. An image for the voucher needs to be generated for My Rewards screen on Stamp Me with the voucher. 

For example, Congratulations, you have won a $20 UBER Eats Voucher [insert image]. An email will be sent to you in the next 24 hours with the voucher code.

3. A template for the email the customer receives. 

For example, Dear [Customer], Congratulations on your reward of a [$20 UBER Eats Voucher]. To redeem your reward, please code [abc 123] when you next order from [UBER].

NOTE: Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions charges an additional administration service fee for issuing external eGift Cards.

How does the eGift Card work for the USER?

1. Reward is triggered.

2. USER goes into My Rewards and presses, YES to redeem Reward

3. USER is presented with a Congratulations Screen. The image states that an email will be sent to them with the Voucher code.

The Stamp Me system keeps track of all triggered and claimed rewards.