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What security measures are there to stop someone fraudulantly taking a Stamp?

As with everything, there will always be a small percentage of people who will want to take advantage of a situation. 

We are sometimes asked, how does the business manage the validation process to stop people (both staff and customers) from fraudulently taking stamps?

Whilst we can't protect against every eventuality, just like you can't totally guard against staff or customers stealing from the business, there are a few things to consider.

Users of the program are registered - a major deterrent

The USER of the program has registered their details. You will know who, when, where, what and their whole transaction history.

This is a major deterrent, as most fraudsters generally don't like to leave evidence of their crime.

Rewards are usually of nominal value to the business

The value of the rewards is usually low. If someone is dishonest, and that way inclined, they should have higher aspirations to steal something of higher value (like your cash or stock) with a much lower chance of getting caught!

We believe a loyalty rewards program should be structured around the 95% + of the genuine customers that are honest and trustworthy, rather than the small minority of dishonest customers. 

Having said this, we make the following recommendations.

1. Keep the Offer Code or Stamp Mate device close to the cash register or POS system, so you can monitor its usage

Issuing a Stamp is a noticeable action. Someone needs to open their phone, press Stamp Me and then hold their phone near the code or on the Stamp Mate device for a second or two to receive the Stamp. The phone also makes a beep sound when a Stamp is issued.

2. Regularly check your dashboard activity

There is a table that shows live transaction Stamps and Transaction activity

If you also record Rewards in your POS system, you can reconcile this on a periodic basis with the Stamp Me dashboard.

3. A Time Delay can be actioned between the issuance of Stamps

If you feel your business has been compromised, please contact us as there are some easy things we can do to fix the problem including changing the validation code and / or disabling the problem user.